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Welcome to the home of Ephedra Tea.

TEA = The Energy Alternative...
Ephedra Tea is the Original Herbal Energy Tea.  Unlike energy drinks which are simply loaded with sugar and caffeine, E-Tea is a sugar-free, premium, brewed herbal tea with real functionality!
  Ephedra Tea is specifically formulated to pick you up instantly, and then provide real, sustainable energy and mental focus to power through a tough workout at the gym or handle a long day at the office.

Are you looking for something truly different and effective in an energy drink?  Try the Original Herbal Energy Tea... Ephedra Tea!

If you're like most energy drink users, there's a good chance you've tried just about every energy drink out there.  Some work... most don't.  Ephedra Tea is very unique and most important... EFFECTIVE!  In fact, E-Tea is SO different, we asked our customers to describe Ephedra Tea in just one word.  The collage below represents a few of their words. 

So go ahead... try Ephedra Tea today and then send your word to: contact@ephedratea.com.  If it's not listed below, we'll add it!